How to:

extract text from SWF
with SWF text extractor

Flash Decompiler Trillix is the ultimate SWF text extractor that allows you to extract text from Flash movie quickly and efficiently. Besides texts you can extract images, sounds, videos, scripts, etc. You can save text from SWF in a separate file on your hard drive. Those can be either selected texts or all texts from the SWF file.
Read further to know how to save resources from SWF:
extract swf text Add the SWF file with needed texts to "My Tasks" section of Flash Decompiler to Extract Flash
Go to "Extract" tab to export text from SWF
Set the destination folder for extracted texts and tick "Open destination folder after extraction" if needed
Tick "Texts" box in "My Tasks" list to export text from Flash movie
In "Formats" section you can set the texts to be extracted into TXT, HTML, or RTF
All that's left to do is click "Extract SWF objects" button. That's it!
That's It! Thank you for choosing SWF file Extractor by Eltima!