How to:

extract resources from SWF file
with Flash Decompiler Trillix

With Flash Decompiler Trillix you can easily extract SWF elements (images, sounds, videos, etc.) easily and quickly. You can save them as separate files on the hard drive for later use.
Read further to know how to save resources from SWF:
extract swf file Add the SWF file to Flash Decompiler Trillix "My Tasks" list
After the file was added, switch to "Extract" tab
There you can select or type in the export path for the extracted files. Check the "Open destination folder after extraction" box to open the folder with extracted files right after extraction
Select all resources you will extract in "My Tasks" list
Go to "Formats" tab and choose the formats for the resources you will extract
Now simply click "Extract SWF objects" button and you'll get the result in no time at all!
That's It! Thank you for choosing SWF Extractor by Eltima!