How to:

extract images from SWF
with SWF images extractor

With the help of Flash Decompiler Trillix you will easily extract images from Flash movies, and not only images: you can also extract videos, sounds, ActionScript, etc. Save all images from SWF file or only chosen ones with SWF images extractor.
Here's how to save images from Flash movie in a few clicks:
extract images from flash Choose the SWF file you are going to extract the images from and add it to Flash Decompiler
Now switch to "Extract" tab to export images from SWF file
Indicate the export path where all resulting files will be saved and check "Open destination folder after extraction" checkbox if you want the folder with extracted files to open right after finishing the extraction
Tick "Images" in "My Tasks" list to export images from Flash movie
Now in "Formats" tab you can choose images to be extracted into JPEG, PNG, or BMP file formats
All is left to do is click "Extract SWF objects" button and enjoy the fast and efficient result!
That's It! Thank you for choosing Flash Decompiler to Extract SWF files!